years of business unit headquarters offices itemized budget, and above the regimental unit budget execution and financial management arrangements and conduct audits, review minus total capital expenditure budget of 18.97 billion yuan and general, adjusted by the readiness training and grassroots input 33 billion fund to invest in optimizing the dosage.Power comes with responsibility, with the right subject to supervision, the law w   nike air max 1 mens  ill be prosecuted. After around all levels to strengthen the powers of supervision, deepen expand economic responsibility audit of leading cadres, fully open military officers synchronization audit, audit focused on party committees, send a copy of the audit results to establish communications and system audit interviews, leading cadres to actively walked trial mention, after the first trial from the road.According to statistics, over the past two years, the audit group of leading cadres 4024, including more than 82 military, division level 854. A total of 61 economic responsibility to fulfill ineffective units Finance disorder leading cadres, were evaluated according to the law as "incompetent"; 21 cadres were

 dismissed, 77 leading cadres by admonishing remarks and audit interviews, 144 leading cadres adjustment positions.Where military and economic activity, where there is audit oversight; where easy to filth, where there is a sword scabbard.Also focus on the rule of law at all levels strictly military, continued to strengthen problem areas are prone Finance audit, serious Chajiu outstanding problems, focus on the formal financial and economic order. 480 military army has on land use right transfer project audit investigation, to identify the transfer of the land itself, damaged the interests of the military, financial management confusion and other issues. For 19 units of Purchasing audit investigation, severely punished false procurement, false prices and other serious violations of law. 19 research units and equipment for research funding audit investigation pointed expenses incurred serious dislocation. Logistics and equipment for 480 financial audit department, and strengthen the financial sector checks Moriguchi awareness and responsibility. The turnkey projects for 3250 settlement and military procurement price audit, review local unreasonable charges minus 6.685 billion yuan, effectively safeguarding the economic interests of the army.Prove safety and  nike air max 90 womens   discipline violation, to create a strong

deterrent effect- Adhere to the inspectors issue rectification, strengthening discipline as an important duty of accountabilityPower to bring beauty and risks coexist with responsibility and play in.Audit for those law-abiding, both Director and clean people, no doubt is a special intimate care; for those who feel lucky, defy the people, it is a merciless lashing.Audited figures clearly show an intriguing, the sword of Damocles hanging rulers have never been so close to the head, a "let the blade sword, high-voltage live," a vivid interpretation: only in 2014, the audit departments at all levels to defend, discipline and discipline prosecutors alleged illegal transfer of the number of clues, more than the sum of the previous 30 years, transferred clues."Discipline violation discover clues to create a strong deterrent effect" at all levels conscientiously implement the important instructions of the President Xi, insisted inspectors issue rectification, strengthening accountability discipline as an important renike air max 90 hyperfuse salesponsibility, courage to expose problems seriously dare to tackle tough problems, serious Chajiu "red light", "the more the bottom line," "do work" and other discipline violations, strive to do the audit work, "the next article."Increase the intensity of the problem notification. To sort