competing transition to the Internet, Haier cooperation with Ali, want a comprehensive Internet-based; the United States and millet, Jingdong two Internet giants were in hand, to become China's "net" most aggressive white companies. Omar also said that the future does not rule out cooperation with Internet companies might.Hong Shibin pointed out, Omar refrigerator bent on learning the successful model of millet, but it is no social Omarnike air max 90 cheap millet compared to the means and the platform, unlike millet phone products itself has social attributes. Secondly, millet focus recruiting, team officials have the luxury from every major Internet companies, in terms of products, content, big data and Internet research are strengths in these areas, Omar also need to invest more power. Beginning of this year, 80 million enterprise retirees once again usher in the basic pension of 10% of the increase, which has been rising for 11 years pension.On the surface, with the price increases, pension increases periodically this is a good thing, but for many years the rise was not happy, even under the conditions of the same factors, retirement pensions to retirees than "upside down" phenomenon . In addition, due to the different bases, gains in the same circumstances, retiree pensions gap between the increasingly apparent."This

 is our 11th consecutive year raised the prices back staff pensions, but real income growth during the serving staff did not so fast, so it has been the emergence of this 'upside down' phenomenon." January 27, the State Council Development Research Center of Public Administration and Human Resources Institute Gongsen "China Times" reporter said.Continuous broad basedIn the industry view, the annual pension increase policy Pratt & Whitney, is not necessarily fair.January 27, Dr. Labor Capital University of Economics School of Economics, Sun Bo, "China Times" reporter stressed that the pension is not science consecutive years of broad based and not sustainable, it is only a stage tool, or will In the pension replacement rate reaches a certain value after using the appropriate linkage mechanism, which is used to circumvent the new broad caused injustice.Reporters learned by understanding the negative effects of corporate retirement pensions for many years has been broad based purely gradually. First, pension upside down. For example, the sa nike air max 1 womensme year to participate in the work, the nature of work under the same premise, but after retirement pension to retired employees less than the return of workers to catch up because the first annual pension adjustment rhythm, at the same time, wages incumbents did not appear substantial growth; secondly, because of the different pension base, in the case of broad based, as well as the gap between the pension of retirees in the

region is becoming increasingly apparent among different regions; and finally, although the country once again raised the pension payment standard, But for many years raised, in the case of pension income is lower than the growth rate of spending growth, prone to new pension gap.Reporters calculations, China's enterprises in 2014 the per capita monthly basic pension for retired workers is 2070 yuan, 80 million pension again raised by 10% a year pension fund expenditures will increase by 198.72 billion yuan."Fund spending pressures is o nike shox r4 salene thing, but the key is that the inversion phenomenon contrary to pension 'pay more for much, much too long to pay' basic principles. At the same time, pressing down to adjust the income gap between urban and rural elderly will more and more. "January 27, a large insurance firms professionals Cui Peng," China Times "reporter stressed that the minimum standard of urban and rural residents in the basic old-age insurance were not raised the basic pension for many years, although this year has also been adjustment and increased from 55 yuan to 70 yuan per person per month, but compared to an annual rate of 10% of retired employees rose, the amount is still very low, pensions need to establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism and price levels and other factors linkage.And in