fraud victims; in addition, he also adopted the nude chat, etc. to obtain at least a female nude, and make threats. At the same time, there is news that the prison during Wang, also stress the woman to have sex in the prison. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned from the Supreme Procuratorate, the National Energy Board, former Deputy Director of the Division of Coal Wei Yuan Peng bribery, huge unidentified property crime case, the jurisdiction of the law designated by the Supreme Procuratorate, Baoding, Hebei Province People's Procuratorate has concluded its investigation has been recently transferred prosecution.Last May, the media exposure Wei Yuan Peng was taken away, his home was found to have a million in cash, law enforcement officers from the bank to the tune of 16 cash registers inventory spot burned ounike shox agent cheapt four.Last October 31, Supreme Procuratorate Anti-Corruption Bureau, Mr Xu Jinhui responded that searched the home found Wei Peng Yuan cash RMB 200 million yuan, is the prosecution once the largest amount of cash recovered the stolen money case.Public information, Wei long-term work in the coal at the NDRC, the National Energy Board was established in 2008, which was promoted by the Director of the coal at the National Energy Board, deputy director of the Division of coal, level division level. Hangzhou Intermediate People's Court held a public hearing on the 28th morning, the defendant package to Asahi arson case. The court will choose an

open verdict on the case. Asahi package to court admitted his crime and the victim's willingness to donate organs request understanding.PlaybackBus fire caused 33 people were injuredHangzhou People's Procuratorate accused, July 5, 2014 17 am, the defendant Xu package to vent their dissatisfaction with society, in seven road bus traveling to Hangzhou City Dongpo Qingchun Road intersection dumping, ignite flammable arson, causing 33 passengers burned to varying degrees. Were identified, of which 20 were injured, five people were slightly injured, 5 Sometimes no, and caused heavy losses of public and private property, his behavior constituted the crime of arson.Defendant package to Xu and facts of the offense charged in the indictment had no objection to justify their desire to commit suicide because of traditional illnesses relapse, but also on social discontent, so as to set fire to a bus in the way of social revenge. Counsel that the defendant usually performed better, and show repentance, requesting the court to a fair vernike shox agent saledict.Asahi package to the defendant because of extensive burns, the court conducted an assessment of their physical condition. In a clear package to Asahi injuries and mental condition is stable, with the ability to stand trial under the premise, the Court is preparing a package to

Asahi rocker beds, allowing it to recline on trial, and shall notify the court to defend their aid lawyers, fully embodies judicial protection of human rights. Lasted about two and a half hours of the trial, the prosecution and the defense around the fire main motive, modus operandi, the virulence consequences of the court investigation and debate issues. Throughout the course of the trial the defendant emotional stability and showing remorse.ClaimSpur of the moment because of arsonPackage to Xu, Gansu Province Zhangxian people, born  nike shox r4 ukin 1980. Prosecutors told the court yesterday, according to a statement Hangzhou, packages to Asahi Elementary School did not graduate ran away from home to work. Home troubles tuberculosis treatment, the two brothers who work each month to send money to him for treatment. 2008, Asahi package to leave home again after illness to Yiwu migrant workers, with their families and did not say hello, then have no further contact family. September 2013, Asahi packages to tuberculosis relapse, two months later, he voluntarily stopped the drugs.July 5, 2014 morning, Xu package to check out from a